Saturday, January 14, 2006

Angstcast 3: Doing God's Work

Yes Angters there is a new Angstcast. Angstcast number 3 is here. It's about doing God's work the Glenford Mitchell way. Plus there's a return to Baha'i Farm, a discussion of mythology, a little nice music and, of course, the regular spiritual portion of the cast.

The original link is here. Or you can go directly to the Angstcast itself here.

If you are using the RSS feed and it works, let me know.
As I've said before, the site does overload pretty easily, so please be patient.

with loving,

Bahai Angst


Blogger Steve Marshall said...

I wasn't able to pick up Angstcast 2 on the RSS feed. Your blog entry came through, but not the enclosure. However, in Angstcast 3, both message and enclosure came through fine.

I really believe in my heart that your podcasts are crystallising into a framework for action that now needs only to be exploited.

3:18 PM  
Blogger Bahai Angst said...

Steve - thanks for the comment on the RSS feed. I subscribe to the thing through Ipodder as a check and I was able to get Angstcast 2, so something was working. Glad to hear that Angstcast 3 made it.

The beginning of the start of the initiation of the final phase of the close of the second century since the founding of the University of Virginia and the birth of the second most great manifestation has been inaugurated by the ever growing commitment of angst-ridden Bahais to making fun of the UH$ in cyberspace. This blog is just one more attempt, however humble and embryonic, to help fill the void left by the sudden, swift, and untimely oocultation of Al Marbig.

6:55 AM  
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Blogger connie said...

Came across your blog while doing a search for teaching children's classes. I relate of course as probably most every Baha'i has at some time in their life. What I have come to believe, myself, is that the Baha'is on the ground, including me, have a failure of vision, that we are creating something that has never existed before and we are far from getting it right at this point. We are in "learning mode" as it should be. "Keeping the Faith" means to me holding down the fort by not submitting to "angst" which just causes more disunity until we begin to get it right. As a Baha'i for over 35 years I've seen plenty and, believe me, we have come a long, long way and getting better every day. Thanks for sharing and listening. Love, Connie

2:28 PM  

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