Sunday, February 27, 2005

Larry Rowe's Mistake

Karen Bacquet's latest topic on her blog has caused great controversy in Bahai circles and the ripples have probably gone all the way up (or down, depends on how you look at it) to the UH$ itself. To those outside, it must be interesting to watch a religion so hell bent on self destruction. To those who consider themselves Bahais, but who may or may not be enrolled members at present and who have issues with the administrative order, the issue is seen as yet another example of the adminocentric nature of the religion - where bureaucracy has replaced God.

The issue is based on a letter sent by the National Spiritual (sic) Assembly of the Bahais of Canada (NS(s)ABC) to an enrolled Canadian Bahai named Larry Rowe. Larry is probably most famous for finding a site that translates English into Pig-Latin and sending the URL to us at Bahai Angst. However, he is also famous in Bahai circles (which means about 50 people) for expressing himself quite well on spiritual issues. About nine months ago Larry wrote to the NS(s)ABC expressing concern about the UH$'s booting out of two other Bahais - two people who are pretty well respected in the ever growing community of Bahai subversives who believe in the oneness of mankind. He recently received a reply from the NS(s)ABC which we translated into English and put on the Bahai Angst site. The reply has caused great consternation and gnashing of teeth because we just can't figure out what it is that Larry did wrong. Some of the best CBs have been putting their heads together to find out what it is that Larry did to provoke such a stupid-ass letter from the NS(s)ABC.

Well, we at Bahai Angst, after endless hours of consultation, contemplation, and listening to songs written by Jim Styan, had an experience mediated by the parrot of heaven and saw very clearly what it is that Larry has done - and we have confirmed that he has defintely done so repeatedly for years. No wonder the NS(s)ABC was in such shock and awe that it threatened to drop him off of the roles of the fitfull - er faithful.

To learn what Larry has done, you must exercise the third greatest of all virtures (the first two being modeling your lives on that of Shoghi Effendi and sacrificing your pets to the UH$) - patience. Check back here soon and we will reveal to you Larry's Most Great Sin (LMGS).

with loving,

Bahai Angst


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The recent passing of Fayard Nicholas, whom I met in the nineties and even went to a movie or two with him at the TV Actors home in Calabasas, got me back into the search engines and peaked my curiosity on how the BF is doing these days. It seems then that there is plenty going on and I'll have a lot of catching up to do. Seems to me then that God has not been abandoned just differences on administration. The UH$ acronym almost had me falling off my chair.
To borrow a phrase from our neighbors in Hollywood, "I never had a problem with the Tech, it was always the administration." (often heard from former members of COS)

1:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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